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Quality Policy


Quality Management System



The Company has developed, established and applies a Quality Management System according to the EN 9001:2008 standard certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS since January 2009 (certificate registration number 0108175), in the following fields :

“Design, Development and Provision of Consultancy Services &  Design and Elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessments (PEIA, EIA), Special Environmental Studies and Management Plans,  Forest Protection & Management Studies, Forest Engineering studies, Forest Cadastral/ Land Register- Geoinformatic Applications- G.I.S. - Photo-interpretation, Studies on Site Regeneration / Rehabilitation, Phytotechnical studies & Project Management”.

When preparing studies and providing services which form the principal business activity of NERCO - N. CHLYKAS & ASSOCIATES S.A., the main condition for meeting the company's Quality Policy requirements is to observe the requirements of the Greek and international Regulations and Standards.

The Quality Policy of NERCO - N. CHLYKAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. applies to all categories of projects conducted by the Company and extends to all factors of project production (staff, means), including all kinds of its associates. 


The Quality Assurance process includes the actions described below :




Quality Handbook


Document and Data Control/Quality Archives/Traceability Studies


Management of Letters of Guarantee


Reviews of Quality System


Study Planning


Supplies/Third-party services/Data management by the Client/Employer/Awarding Entity


Study Management


Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (Preliminary Environmental Impact Studies/Environmental Impact Studies)


Special Environmental Studies - Management Plans


Studies on the Protection and Management of Forest Ecosystems


Forest-technical Studies


Cadastre/Forest Cadastre - Geoinformatics Applications - GIS - Photo-interpretations


Site regeneration studies - Phytotechnical studies


Agro-economic studies


Equipment Maintenance/Instrument Control and Calibration


Non-Compliance Reports/Corrective and Preventive Actions


Storage-Management-Marking-Delivery of Studies


Internal Inspections


Training and Evaluation of Staff


Measuring Customer/Employer/Awarding Entity Satisfaction


Measurement, Analysis and Improvement/Indices/Quality Targets


Risk Management


Project Management


Quality Policy


The primary target of the Company is the absolute satisfaction of the quality requirements of its clients (private or public), for which the study is prepared, and the establishment of faith, trust and long-term partnership with each client/employer/awarding entity. The studies prepared for and the services provided to clients are distinguished by high quality, comply with the required specifications, observe the time schedules and meet the most stringent technical criteria

The integrated approach of the Quality Policy of NERCO-N. CHLYKAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. is based on three elements:

  • The provision of quality services to the client/employer/awarding entity. As far as the scientific, technical and support staff is concerned, the opinion and the needs of the client/employer/contracting entity are dominant. 

  • The structure of and experience in the studies prepared, which are linked to the quality policy at an organisational level. 

  • The fact that the company safeguards the Safety and Health of the employees in the office and in the field, as well as that it constantly seeks to promote their training level through educational programmes for the training and the constant development of the knowledge and abilities thereof.

The Administration is expressly committed to the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system for achieving the primary objectives, by setting annual measurable goals. Through these objectives, which are monitored, the System Reviews and the repositioning of goals, the effectiveness of the Quality Management System is continuously improved, with respect to both the aforementioned Quality Policy and the current and any applicable National and EU legislation. 



Agro-technical & Agro-economic Studies

Projects Management

Property Development & Management Consultants

Tourism Investment Consultant

Geoinformatics solutions - G.I.S.

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